Why is the Arbalo Broker different ?

Arbalo is a standards-compliant OSB

Arbalo broker

Arbalo offers a marketplace for software parts provided in the cloud to the IT market in a SaaS model. By integrating solutions of many companies, it enables the digitalisation of IT organizations.

Arbalo operates a Cloud Service Broker platform based on the industry standard OSB-API. It establishes and extends an ecosystem of partners providing their services on the Arbalo platform.

Arbalo offers added value

Arbalo adds value in integrating and aggregating the services of several providers in the following ways:

  • technically: develops & operates the platform, provides SSO and self-registration, deployment of service on one click
  • legally: mapping custom licenses to transactional licensing, negotiating contracts with providers, full transparency about (OSS) licenses used
  • product-wise: consistent documentation, easy onboarding of new services via webform
  • support-wise: providing 1st and 2nd Level Support (1LS/2LS), involving the providers for 3LS only in rare occasions
  • operationally: provisioning services on one click, continuous operation and performance monitoring, backup, usage monitoring etc.
  • financially: preparing a monthly bill consolidating the successfully completed transactions of all client projects. This includes a detailed report about each service used per project.

All services are fully documented with provider name, operating location, license, and API documentation. You can find suitable services based on full-text search, pre-defined categories (such as location, functionality), as well as user-ratings.

Hosting modes

The services are hosted in two different modes:

  • hosted: i.e. the service is installed as a docker image on Arbalo's Kubernetes infrastructure
  • proxied: i.e. the service runs outside of Arbalo's infrastructure. Arbalo lists the service in its catalog, administers the access credentials and monitors its usage.

Role of the partners

Arbalo's partners may act in different roles:

  • provide their own services over Arbalo
  • optionally use services from Arbalo platform
  • integrate services into their own projects & products
  • save efforts thanks to service reuse and legal/technical pre-integration
  • can setup backend systems within minutes instead of days
  • benefit of full transparency (e.g. which components are used by a certain service, with which (OSS) license, where is the service hosted, who is the provider etc.

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